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The Fight for Second Place: Xbox One vs. Wii U

If we compare hardware, there is no question the Xbox One offers more power and graphical capability than the Wii U. The one thing favoring Nintendo’s little monster is that it is loaded with exclusives.

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saadd201220d ago

The Wii U is the underdog and Xbox One is favorites for second place.

Yi-Long1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I already have a PS4.

Personally, the WiiU looks more interesting to me as a 2nd console, because of the more interesting exclusives, but the price for the WiiU and especially the older games is just much too high.

After 2 years orso, games like The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 are still around 50 euro here in Holland. I'm not going to go ina discussion about if they're 'worth' that price, but simply looking at the price of picking up a new console plus 2-3 games, you're looking at a 400 euro investment (WiiU bundle is 300 euro here, plus 2 games for 50 euro a piece).

I can also choose to NOT buy a WiiU, and for that 400 euro I can buy 20-40 GREAT PS3/360/PS4 games from the budget-bin, at 10-20 euro a piece.

So right now, it's mostly the high software prices for WiiU keeping me from buying the console. (Also, the region-blocking)

Now, eventually I'll no doubt pick up an XBO, but I don't see it happening anywhere in the near future.

So, unless Nintendo releases a budget-line for their games, or releases a new console, or unless Microsoft comes with a great value bundle I can't resist, I'll stick with the PS4 for now.

saadd201219d ago

I dont think the PS4 will be beaten this gen. In terms of the Wii U, I may go for PS3 since it already has such a strong back catalog and still gets third party titles.

niterocker1220d ago

Xbox One is better suited for second place..Wii U will be happy in third place and they will survive this one.

ChrisW1220d ago

This same article was posted on a day ago!

Why does Techspy (a partner site) need to allow it here as well?

Speed-Racer1220d ago

There isn't a duplicate rule when it comes to cross site posting. It's hardware, so it's allowed.

ChrisW1220d ago

Doesn't make it any more appreciable...

thorstein1219d ago

Deja vu, or did you guys already do this bit on another article?

Speed-Racer1219d ago

@thorstein - yep, the next PS4/Xbox article on the home page lol

pop-voxuli1220d ago

PS4 is far and away #1
Wii U is a distant 2nd
XBone is a close 3rd

Like it or not thats just the way it is, and the way it'll stay.

Wikkid6661219d ago

Sorry but the XBO will over take the Wii U by the end of 2014.

SlavisH21215d ago

lmao at the disagrees. It will happen fangirls

Dasteru1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

It is highly unlikely the WiiU will stay in second for much longer. It is only about ~750k past the XBone in WW sales, with a full year head start. It also had around 5 million sales at the launch of the XBone which means the XBone has been selling at a much higher rate during the past year. Unless Nintendo does something major like releasing a full console version of the main line Pokemon games, there isn't really any chance of them maintaining a lead. The XBone will probably take the lead by christmas.

Dasteru1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


It just did. So much for the disagrees.

Wikkid6661215d ago

Hmmmmm.... I guess was right. Didn't even take till the end of the year.

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