Xbox One sold almost 10 milion units, sales in the US have more than tripled

"It seems that Microsoft’s efforts with the Xbox One are finally starting to pay off. Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business Yusuf Mehdi announced just moments ago that the console is quickly approaching the 10 million mark. According to Mehdi, sales have skyrocketed lately as a result of new releases, new bundles, and various discounts. "

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Minimoth1341d ago

I'm actually glad that the Xbox One is selling well, maybe now Sony will make an effort to make their customers happy like Microsoft did.

RosweeSon1341d ago

But after their initial reveal what other option did Microsoft have other than to listen?

Deadpoolio1341d ago

They still aren't really listening or even telling the truth...Sold into retailers is shipped not sold to consumers...They still aren't announcing sold to consumer numbers because they know how far behind they are

Kaneda1340d ago

Sony listened. They are releasing Cloud TV feature for PS. But I thought Sony fanboys said no one watched tv on console..

PeaSFor1340d ago

SHIPPED TO RETAILERS, sitting in warehouses and on retail shelves, ...cite a small sample size, round up, project, and reference shipments using the word "sold" in a couple sentences! That's some world class puffery. The figure is still impressive, but not quite as impressive as it's made out to be.

vishmarx1340d ago

unbelievable how naive people are
dont you read?
they havent even shipped 10 million yet
theyre "close"to shipping 10 million.
which means theyre still hovering around 6-7 million.
holy crap you idiots

miyamoto1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

bragging about 10 million units they still have to sell....okay.... only the gullible will believe that

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Deadpoolio1341d ago

Cause suddenly units shipped is a real number to care about...It's not 10 million sold, it's 10 million shipped to retailers....It's more Microsoft smoke and mirrors....People who actually read the article would know that, he specifically stated 10 million sold INTO RETAILERS...Which means shipped

SilentNegotiator1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

LOL, MS bragging about "almost" achieving 10 million shipped.

Bragging about almost achieving the feat of almost achieving something.

mcstorm1341d ago

@Deadpoolio I agree with you but they are still sold. They don't give them to retailers the retailers have to buy them from Microsoft and they will only buy them if the demand is there.

Yes its not 10 million to customers but there wont be millions sitting on store shelves.

We all know the ps4 has sold more than the Xbox one and wiiu but that's still not to say the Xbox one is not selling well.

Oner1341d ago

Units "sold to retailers" means nothing to devs/publishers as they can't sell games on consoles NOT in customers hands.

mcstorm1341d ago

Again I agree but like I said there will not be millions of Xbox ones just sat on store shelves. Shops buy if there is demand and by the looks of it there is demand at the moment foe the Xbox one just like there is for the ps4.

Bathyj1340d ago

I can remember when Peter Moore was boasting about their great holiday sales with an unbelievable inflated number only to have their sales stagnate and crawl to a standstill for months all the way into March because they had forced to many units on retailers in order to prop up their end of quarter numbers and they couldnt sell them all.

That was the first time I ever heard of the term "Channel Stuffing".

Oner1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Agree BathyJ ~ I was going to state the same but thought I might end up losing bubbles for stating facts like that.

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emilysmithltg1341d ago

Go Xbox! Although I do prefer the PS3, can't say why.

Devil-X1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Xbox One isn't as cool as PS4 though.

VforVideogames1341d ago

Yes it is, come to the darkside and I'll show you.

Pogmathoin1340d ago

So, follow sheep and get an PS4, or use your own mind and get whatever system peaks your interest.... I remember PS fanboys crying too when Sony only announced shipped numbers.... There was such an outrage..... Ohhhh that did not happen like that....

Speed-Racer1340d ago

@Devil - Do you even have a console?

DragoonsScaleLegends1340d ago

Yeah the PS4 looks really cool in person, if only the software team could step up a bit.

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eferreira1341d ago

Shipped not sold to consumers

Deadpoolio1341d ago

Exactly.....People are just reading the title, when you read the actual article he clearly stated 10 million sold into retailers....It's just more of the Microsoft smoke and mirrors, hoping that stupid people don't realize sold into retailers is totally different than sold to consumers

Slothnut1341d ago

Sunset overdrive, forza horizon 2, halo mcc and dragon age inquisition are the best holiday games by far. Guess you have no choice but to buy an xbox1 if u want to have anything fun to play this xmas break besides DA:I

DrRobotnik1341d ago

You forgot "my opinion" in that statement.

DragoonsScaleLegends1340d ago

But what if you don't like the halo bro fest or racing games. I am interested in Sunset Overdrive though, but no game is worth $350.

etownone1340d ago

Still better exclusives then anything PS4 has at the moment.

Halo.. Whether you like Halo or not, is still the best deal in the history of gaming for $60.

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