Microsoft just teased Windows 9 by mistake

Microsoft hasn't officially discussed Windows 9 yet, but its Chinese division is keen to get people talking about the upcoming OS. In a Weibo posting today, Microsoft China asked "Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?" A Windows 9 logo accompanied the post before it was quickly removed, and Chinese site Cnbeta spotted it. It was clearly a mistake, but the wording suggests Windows 9 is indeed "coming soon."

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Settler1391d ago

Accidentally lol, they announced it last month :P

Speed-Racer1390d ago

It wasn't. They just said the next windows.

gaffyh1390d ago

They just advertised Apple's event on September 9


badz1491390d ago

Wow. After 7, we got 8 and then 9?'s like they gave up on giving it a fancy name like XP, Vista etc. Or something? For a company the magnitude of MS, that's just damn lazy!

Droidbro1390d ago

And don't forget such classics as Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

admiralvic1390d ago

I disagree. All a fancy name does is confuse the consumer and make things more complex than it needs to be. A great example of this confusion concept is OSX.

Version 10.0: "Cheetah"
Version 10.1: "Puma"
Version 10.2: "Jaguar"
Version 10.3: "Panther"
Version 10.4: "Tiger"
Version 10.5: "Leopard"
Version 10.6: "Snow Leopard"
Version 10.7: "Lion"
Version 10.8: "Mountain Lion"
Version 10.9: "Mavericks"
Version 10.10: "Yosemite"

You can't tell me you couldn't see some uninformed college student getting Snow Leopard and Leopard or Lion and Mountain Lion mixed up or being confused by how they went from cats to locations. At least with 7, 8 and 9, you obviously know where you're and what you can do.

Devil-X1391d ago

This must be the worst windows logo I have ever seen.

iamnsuperman1390d ago

An update in the article states it was a mock up and it bloody well looks like one. Like a quickly made mock up

iliimaster1390d ago

i just upgraded to windows millenium!

Sahil1389d ago

Hahaha.. Dude you should upgrade to XP, it's the ultimate OS :D

awiseman1390d ago

That better not be the logo because its looks like rubbish.

Ares84HU1390d ago

Man, I just hope they get rid of that stupid star up screen with all the rectangles and squares. Just take me to the desktop right away.

Fationably Late1390d ago

They changed that already with an update a while back (I think it was part of the 8.1 update). If the OS detects the computer as a desktop, touch screen or not, it will boot to the desktop instead of the Start screen.

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