Apple customer says store gave him receipt with anti-gay message

Tim Cook has led Apple into the front of the LGBT-rights movement with company appearances at Gay Pride parades and Wall Street Journal op-eds demanding equal rights for gay workers, but according to one Apple Store customer in Portland, some of Cook’s employee don’t share his enthusiasm for inclusion.

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cytricks1679d ago

This is an honest mistake.

f is just the first key for your left index finger touches
@ well i think all email entry forms needs this same as the @ you need a .com and g is next to f and most people have gmail accounts.

I do not think anyone was truly being mean by putting that. I might be naive but I try to think the best of people.

awiseman1679d ago

Yet another example of the PC hit gang starting trouble where there is none.

Sketchy_Galore1679d ago

Actually this time it's the Mac hit gang, which is actually capable of starting more trouble in a shorter time and far less prone to viruses.

FRAKISTAN1679d ago

So if im cook has the right to leaf Apple at lgbt parades,do other people not get the right to oppose this?

SouthClaw1679d ago

I go no problem with lgbt. What I have a problem is when a company gets behind such a thing. It is wrong to push any "idea" onto everyone. We all don't like chocolate, we don't all like coffee so what would give people the idea that everyone would be ok with lgbt?

Just let people get on with their lives and stop forcing ideas down peoples throats. I hate hearing stories of people demanding more lgbt characters in films and games. A character shouldn't be changed to suit peoples needs it needs to be based around the story.

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