US Wants To Criminalize Movie And Music Streaming

SOPA and PIPA are dead, but the Obama administration is still determined to make illicit movie and streaming a felony. The DOJ argues that change is needed to adequately prosecute unauthorized streaming services. In addition, the administration is requesting permanent funding to target foreign sites such as The Pirate Bay through "diplomatic and trade-based pressure."

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SouthClaw1422d ago

Hollywood is talking again. Why is it that gaming and movie/music industries are the only ones who bitch and moan when people make money off their stuff. If it isn't the movie and music industry moaning about streaming / pirating / people putting their songs on youtube it is the gaming industry crying about preowned games.

You don't see BMW moaning because john smith just bought a second hand car do you?

You don't see the owner of the monalisa painting moaning because somebody took a picture of the painting?

Get a grip and make better products and stop looking for handouts.

gapecanpie1422d ago

Movies and Music sucks now anyway! .... No more originality...

krazykombatant1421d ago

well you don't see the owner of the mona lisa complaing because... well he is dead. Also you're not meant to take flash photographs of the picture.

On Topic: It's more bullshit from Hollywood and Lobbyists.

SouthClaw1421d ago

Owner vs painter are two different things...

kingPoS1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

When their sales tank after this goes through, they'll manage to still point blame at wrong direction. Word of mouth can go a long ways. Expendables 3, Some people can't wait to see it again come August.

The_Blue1421d ago

Let's play the blame game, I love you, let's play the blame game for sure.

Gondee1421d ago

They are actually lucky people are illegally downloading their content. The time of the DVD and BlueRay has long passed, and frankly so has pay per view. People want a subscription service and they are willing to pay for it. If it wernt for illegal ways of getting their content i feel it would be exposed to MUCH smaller groups and word of mouth and such wouldn't even have a presence. Illegal mediums have kept them in business all these years while stupid CEO's and idiot studios hold the illusion that they have been in control of the content. New business model or die, people don't want to be tricked, and your content isnt worth 10 dollars a view or 25 dollars to own. Its 1 dollar a view and 20 dollars a month for unlimited. Welcome to 2014...