What You Need to Know About DARPA, the Pentagon's Mad Science Division


There's a certain entity within the Pentagon that's quite (in)famous for developing terrifying robots, advanced weapons and futuristic tech. It's called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or, as most people know it, DARPA: the Department of Defense's "mad science" division. While all the machines coming out of the agency make it seem like its sole purpose is to build a killer-robot army, DARPA has many, many other projects to speak of. In fact, DARPA's at the heart of some of the most significant technological advances of our time. Hell, there might not be an internet to read this article on if DARPA didn't create it.

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Crazay1471d ago

I bet these guys have developed some stuff that would both impress and scare the hell out of us that we have never seen. SKYNET!!!

proudly_X1471d ago

I could really help you echo SKYNET!!!.. Btw, this is unbelievable.. The movies have started showing themselves in reality..

Crazay1471d ago

Amazing how fast what was once Science Fiction is becoming Science Reality. now if only they could hurry up and put man on mars or even the moon would suffice for me so I could say I saw something amazing happen in space.

UltraNova1470d ago

If Skynet happens, scratch that, when it happens it will be Google's doing...of course I wont dismiss the possibility of two companies making two super AIs at the same time that will eventually dual each other on top of our that's a head-spinner!

1nsomniac1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

You clearly Havant seen their work. They already have a fully functioning SKYNET. I'm sure you could probably find something on YouTube showing it but they have a fully working fully computer AI controlled weaponised humanoid robot.

This company is beyond dangerous, search for some of their confidential documents/footage. They are beyond psychopaths!!

All paid for by the American government.

Speed-Racer1471d ago

Been playing too much Battlefield I see...

dota2champion1471d ago

These darpa robots move funny. I cant stop laughing lol

Rute1470d ago

Well, I imagined that WildCat chasing me with circular saws inserted as jaws and I did not laugh.