Samsung To Shut Down Plasma TV Production Unit This Year

Samsung SDI has finalized plans to shut down its plasma panel production unit by November 30, citing a decline in global demand for plasma TV’s as the primary cause of the decision.

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Yi-Long1474d ago

Once again, just like with panasonic, that's terrible news, cause plasma is still the best value-for-money TV you can buy.

Samsung's latest plasma received, once again, very very high praise in the reviews.

I wish instead of dumping plasma, they would just improve their marketing. The critical response about plasma-TVs is unanimously positive, yet the average customer doesn't seem to know anything about plasma, other than the old horror-stories that they demand a whole lot more energy, and they could 'burn in'...

pompombrum1474d ago

Panasonic have discontinued their plasma range also? Doesn't plasma still offer the best colours? Pretty sure that's what I've heard. Damn shame though, I love my Samsung plasma and actually planning on upgrading to a newer plasma later on in the year and both Samsung and Panasonic were my top choices.

iNFAMOUZ11474d ago

i love my samsung 2013 plasma :) no burns in after days on or nothing

RELIGHT1474d ago

This fucking sucks. Plasma produces the most vibrant colors and clear images.