iPhone 6 Mockups Found To Give A “Rough Idea” Of The Final Product

Today is the last day of June and what better way to get ready for a new month of exciting leaks, rumors and official developments, other than to talk about several new details concerning the iPhone 6. Well, I could think of a few better ways that would better suit the needs of an Android user, but hey, we’re all gadget enthusiasts here, and the next-gen iPhone is actually quite promising, with iOS 8 delivering new features and with the smartphone itself being resized and overhauled.

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TechImperia1475d ago

most revealing leak till now if you ask me

Zerg1474d ago

I can't wait to not buy this phone!

cbuc11251474d ago

and im sure it will be giving a $hi+ about you not buying it.

TechImperia1474d ago

Me 2 not ibtrested in apple btw

eferreira1473d ago

I'm so glad we got your input. Now I can finally go on with my day because someone who doesn't want this phone came here and made a comment about it.