There’s no hope for Reddit’s /r/techonology

About 3 weeks ago, Reddit’s /r/technology subreddit was dropped from the default subscription list after it was discovered that a bot had been set up to automatically filter out headlines containing certain keywords that were very political in nature.

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Devil-X1480d ago

Haha! "LONG Hair. NO Care" This is a great comment in line with this submission , I am just wondering is the meaning too deep for people to understand that you don't got enough agrees.

Doshaxik1480d ago

I've got a lovely bunch of subreddits. Here they are standing in a column. Big ones small ones some as big as your Ego.

Soldierone1480d ago

Reddit is such a pain to use. So many rules and restrictions, yet it's still a handy tool....

ajax171480d ago

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of playing Dark Souls... I want to understand it. I just haven't been able to "break through"

Soldierone1479d ago

Except Dark Souls doesn't revolve around a community that is power hungry and will shun you over one little mistake haha