Tech Imperia - Top 5 Windows Phones – Which Should you Buy?

Tech Imperia - Now a days there are varieties of Windows Phone devices available in the Market waiting for you to get them, so here we’ve taken the time to go through all the Windows Phone devices available in the market to pick out the best ones around so that you can choose the best device for you. So, below we are listing the top 5 Windows Phones in the world right now.

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Spiewie 1873d ago

Yeah let's buy all 5 xD.

93d1872d ago

lol yeah but that will burn a big hole in my pocket

TechImperia1873d ago

yes they all deserve to be purchased

kingPoS1871d ago

I've played around with with one, Comes with a ton of apps you'll want to delete. Other than that and the web filters, it's an ok phone.