Dell 6340u smells like cat pee according to owners

Vyralize: If you like the smell of cat pee, then maybe the Dell 6340u is for you.

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F4sterTh4nFTL945d ago

Dell Laptops work like cat poop also.

dilawer944d ago

well, that's a first time I've heard a computer smells like something foul. My PC smells like chocolates and roses xD

sephiroth420944d ago

my pc smells like metal, are these guys sure their cats havnt just pissed near the computer or under where the computer is, and now the computer is heating the piss making it smell? ah fuck it i wasnt gonna buy a dell anyway lol

GentlemenRUs944d ago

Its the Glue and DELL sucks anyway.

ATi_Elite944d ago

Dell....Smells like Cat Pee works like Dog Crap!

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