Why does every device need to be a game changer?

Vyralize: Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and I believe that for the most part, it lives up to it’s end of the bargain. It’s simpler and more powerful than it’s ever been, it has taken forms that everyone can understand and is just amazing to behold. Every year something new comes out, and every year we’re disappointed, so it brings up an interesting question, why does every device need to be a game changer?

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eferreira1684d ago

People expect too much from a phone. Cars, laptops and many other products get yearly releases with minimal upgrades. Apple seems to get the most hate and when the S4 was released nobody batted an eye with it's small upgrade.

Also people comparing specs for an operating system completely different from the other isn't fair. Look at the macs and window desktops. Mac's have lower specs but runs very fast and smooth.

KingPin1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

"Mac's have lower specs but runs very fast and smooth."
that is because mac os is only optimized for a handful (possibly less) hardware configurations.

windows has to cater for 100% of hardware available (graphics cards/processors/motherboards, etc). HUGE difference. they could also make windows optimized for 3-5 specific chipsets and work 100 times better than mac OS but now you can see why windows has +60% of marketshare and mac doesnt.

EDIT: not to mention the price of Macs hardware to windows hardware is way different. mac hardware is usually slightly less than double of a windows machine of same specs including the OS. say a mac = midrange PC, for that same amouunt of money you paying for a mac you could get a top notch gaming pc. browse the sites you'll see.

evil_element1684d ago

@Kingpin Lets correct all of your above points.

Do you have evidence to support your statement for the above? Please post.

I have a feeling you don't :D

Whats my evidence, look at the Hackintosh community. They run OSX on PC hardware well outside what Apple support. Why? Because Apple develop macs on PC technology because they are constructed on the x86 architecture.

No one windows is optimized for the other. It runs on only x86 because that was what it was compiled for.

You can buy a Mac from Apple and it will work out of the box. You buy Windows and you have to configure and install everything.

If you compared Windows back when OSX was powerpc based then yes. Hardware compatibility was far less. But Windows it self didn't have readily reliable plug and play functionality for all its hardware.

Tiqila1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

"You can buy a Mac from Apple and it will work out of the box. You buy Windows and you have to configure and install everything."

you are referring to windows 98 right? Use 7 or 8 and everything runs fast and stable and out of the box too. Plus it does not look so feminine like those rounded silver menu bars of a mac.

I tried many operating systems and mac os is not the holy grail my friend. Currently I am having the most fun with Archlinux or Fedora. Windows for gaming and Mac OS X lion on my girlfriends macbook pro.

evil_element1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

@Tiqila lol, that maybe your opinion of the OSX. But Windows has never been praised for simplicity and ease of use. Neither has Linux, with the many flavors it still remains an OS which is reserved for geeks.

Last I checked, Windows 8 remained the hardest OS to learn for newcomers and veterans.

I know OS's inside out as well as constructing systems to run them.

whatswithjeff1683d ago

Mac hardware are not cheaper than PC!
What store are you looking?
Mac are more expensive than PC, same goes with hardware vs hardware

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pandehz1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

You mean macs have lower specs but cost twice more.

My friend who lived with me can be proof. OR just goto mac store lolz.

buynit1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I wonder the same thing... you dont see anyone trying to reinvent wheels, why? Cause it works... improvements are good enough for me.. but I dont like when companies like apple come out every few months at a high price with such small improvements though...

kingliam31684d ago

Your comment is so contradictory it hurts.

buynit1684d ago

Well dont hurt your self! Ill make it easier... I like improvents when its significant not the bs that apple does with the iphone ever few months..

Yi-Long1684d ago

Actually, the wheel WAS recently reinvented.

buynit1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Well thats pretty damn amazing! Dude is going to be rich as fuck if it takes off and imagine if it gets incorporated to cars! Lucky bastard.. technicaly its still round I see it as he invented better treads but still cool and different.

Thanks for the link...

KingPin1684d ago

because it costs so much to buy a new phone when you get one you need features to validate the high price that you paying.

things like PCs are not as competitive because what you see is not necessarily what you stuck with for the lifespan. you can upgrade ram/graphics/processor/ you dont have to have it great out of the box.

but i think for now we have hit a peak whereby the OS and software doesnt strain the hardware so even if you get a phone with lower specs it still runs as great as a flasghip model.

Tzuno1684d ago

no matter the device the battery life is lame. they should improve that before others.

Speed-Racer1684d ago

I'm hoping graphene becomes something that can go mass scale very soon. Li-Ion and Li-Polymer is utter crap no matter how much of it you put in a batter.

Tidybrutes1684d ago

So you've used every device?

blackmanone1684d ago

If Apple didn't boast about their greatness to innovate, I'm sure the hate would be less. End of story.

evil_element1684d ago

@blackmanone That statement doesn't hold up. Apple never boast about their products they market and sell them.

If company said our products are ok or great. They would be bankrupt within the year.


Because companies sell with passion their products to consumers not to other companies.

Their selling tactics may differ but the idea is to sell not sell theoretical statistical numbers on possible quantum mathematical equations of possibilities.

blackmanone1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

"Apple never boast about their products they market and sell them."

By your logic no company ever boasts about their product. It's all just marketing and whether it's true or not that's okay? I guess the adverts by Apple that claimed their new phones were 2x faster (proven a complete fabrication) is okay, cause it's not boasting, it's just marketing?

I'm not saying they're the only company to do so, I'm saying that two wrongs don't make a right.

"But Windows has never been praised for simplicity and ease of use."

That was a quote from you. I'm asking a serious question now. Were you alive for Windows 3.1? Windows 95? End user usability is what put MS on the map.

"The idea is to sell not sell theoretical statistical numbers on possible quantum mathematical equations of possibilities."

A lot of big words there. Too bad it doesn't make a lick of sense in this topic. Care to explain how quantum mechanics has ANYTHING to do with marketing? If you can, Stephen Hawking would love a word with you.

Stop letting corporations think for you, guys.

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