Girl Loses Friends Because Her Phone Is Too Big To Carry

Josh Constine of TechCrunch says: "Somewhere on the dance floor, she vanished. It would have a been no problem, except her smartphone was so large she left it at coat check. In the pursuit of a big, beautiful screen, she’d sacrificed why people carry phones in the first place. We had no way to find her in the massive nightclub, and we never saw her again."

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ChrisW2109d ago

It's not like she was carrying something the size of an iPad Mini.

Oh well...


In2iti0n2108d ago

And iPad Mini is a great phone... Oh, wait... It's a tablet.

RE_L_MAYER2108d ago

Galaxy note is a big azz phone, its a lot easier to see maps or videos on it tho so when I see any other phone im like-thats small
The only problem is its not ergonomic at all, hard to hold in your hands and screen gets pressed by fingers on the side a lot accidentally

Tzuno2108d ago

is too stupidly big for a phone.

hazelamy2108d ago

those Samsung phones are monsters.
i've got the S3 mini, and it's the biggest phone i've ever had.
not the thickest, but the tallest and widest.

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