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TheVerge - Years ago, people either bought an iPhone or “a Droid." Verizon’s marketing power, those insane robot ads, and maybe that just-close-enough naming convention made the carrier's Android phones virtually synonymous with their operating system.

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-Mezzo-2127d ago

Not a bad score,.... Compared to the IGN's.

Vames2127d ago

The IGN score makes more sense. Anyone angry over it should be deemed a fanboy.

SnakeCQC2126d ago

I hate the constant complaints about the plastic and the reviewers idea of what premium is. If you don't like it then there are other phones but me and many others absolutely love it. It makes the phone sooo much lighter, its still very durable and it allows for easy swappable batteries.

pompombrum2126d ago

Have to agree.. I hated the plastic the very first time I took the back off to insert the sim card however it grew on me and think it's great. But that's cool, people who don't like it can stick to their HTC One with zero expansive memory and no changeable battery.

hellvaguy2126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

I don't get the point of an S4 tbh. Just upgrade to a Note 2. Screen is .5" bigger, u get a bigger battery, and a optional stylus pen to use. Otherwise exact same phone.

Am I missing something here?

SnakeCQC2126d ago

double the resolution better camera and overall better specs and software. Nobody is stopping you from buying a note 2 but i recently got the s4 and love it.

hellvaguy2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Cell cameras are worthless at those resolutions. The lense is way to small capture the correct amount of light and contrast in colors. I see same quad processor (which zero software is exploiting, lucky to find some games that even use the power of dual core) and samsung software. So I revert back to my original point.

What you "love" and I what I "want" to buy really mean nothing to anyone. : p

SnakeCQC2125d ago

many people would disagree with your comment on cell phone camera. Standalone cameras have become niche because smartphone cams have come so far.