What's Appenin': Tango Text, Voice, and Video

Erika of Ghost Volta: "Basically it acts as a third-party messaging app with support for voice over IP, video-calling, photo & video sharing, group chat, and even has games. Because its done third-party, it doesn’t use up your minutes, and it can conduct most its business via wi-fi so you don’t use up your data either."

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nosmok2130d ago

Its nice. Even works as PC client. Voice calls. Video. Something Whatapp is miles behind on now

I really like to be able to use a PC Client Application but still keep in touch without having to go back to the phone.

Oh course, there are a few other options on the market like LINE from Japan which seems to be used massively in china SE Asia etc.

Its incredible to believe that WhatApp was the first to gain market share, but since then, they've hardly anything (change background image doesnot count) nothing at all really, and just sat their ar5es whilst loads of competitors are converging all different messaging in to phone and PC apps.