Analysts predict iPhone will topple Android marketshare by 2015

Vyralize: Analysts have predicted that the iPhone will once again reign supreme in the smartphone market because of brand loyalty.

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Rhythmattic1125d ago

Posted like a true fandroid.
Your just as bad as as any apple fanboi... Sad it is.

UnwanteDreamz1125d ago

That funny name was cute. Fandroid? Come up with that all by yourself?

caseh1125d ago


Brilliant, someone who 'faps' over Apple. :)

krazykombatant1125d ago

I wonder what phone this "analysts" has.

KwietStorm1125d ago

lol.. I wish I was an analyst. I could make all kinds of "predictions" and loose statements based on my beautiful research, and everyone would take me as their prophet.

cheetorb1125d ago

They're just phones, little tools. But don't mind me, believe the marketing hype; you will be cooler, you will be admired, you can't live without it, and you will go into debt for it. Enjoy.

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The story is too old to be commented.