Did Reddit ‘kill’ falsely accused Boston bomber? Most likely not

Vyralize: News has come that Sunil Tripathi’s body was found in the waters off India Point Park. This comes after submission-based forum Reddit was blamed for wrongly accusing him of being the Boston Bomber.

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Vyralize1826d ago

What happened here was a shame and even though Reddit may have dodged a bullet, they still messed up big time thinking they were CSI.

FlameBaitGod1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I just know, we being played by someone

Bimkoblerutso1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

*sigh* Don't get me wrong, I'm all for constantly questioning 'why,' but there's a reason 99% of these theories stop shy of providing any real evidence.

Conspiracy theorists have become ridiculously good at making their claims sound believable by suggesting that evidence exists...but then presenting no ACTUAL evidence.

The easiest way to tell when a person is grasping at straws is when the questioning is followed by sweeping, politically affiliated statements like the one in the video.

brandonw001826d ago

Users on reddit trying to play detective was absolutely ridiculous. I hope they feel like shit after accusing so many innocent people.

Vyralize1825d ago

Yea, it's so stupid that everyone feels they should be the next FBI agent.

Speed-Racer1825d ago

Wow, I hadn't known the bit about him being missing for so long. Definitely puts a spin on the whole situation.

Soldierone1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I think the Reddit community is entirely full of themselves almost all the time, but this can't be blamed on them.

Are they stupid and accusing anyone with a backpack? Yeah, I watched it. It was basically "This guy has a backpack!!! I'm CSI now!!!"

However who carried it out? Some idiot that listened and some idiots at a newspaper.... who's fault is it? The idiots trying to find the guy? Or the idiots that listened to the other idiots "evidence"? It's even more sad a major newspaper printed Reddit "findings" on a major newspaper cover..... I mean they even have the ability to look into it themselves, but people are so caught up with being first so it makes them stupid. The newspaper never even apologized for it.....

Sucitta1825d ago

I'm sorry, but with the still hundreds of very important unanswered questions from 9/11, I think it's a great thing that we have people online trying to find out what really happened.

Obviously this was another staged event, you just have to look at all the story changing the media was caught red handed in.

Reddit may have been off with the one guy but they were dead on with allot of stuff that has still been ignored and unanswered by the corporate media/government conglomerate.

Why was there a Drill going on moments before the blast, just like 9/11 and 7/7. Why did the Boston Police tweet that they were running a live drill. Why were drones in Boston, Why was the constitution suspended in Boston to find one guy? Why was the fist suspect arrested and alive one moment, then run over by a truck and shot to death the next? Why do the witnesses say it was the police that ran him over and riddled him with bullets.

Why was suspect 2 not bleeding when he came out of the boat, yet by the time he was on the stretcher, his head had been smashed in and was dripping blood. Why did the police and media say suspect 2 was shooting at officers when they now say he wasn't.

What about the guy that had his legs blown off? Why was he left unattended, perfect for photo op, by all the EMT and emergency workers? How was he even conscious and sitting up in his wheelchair with color in his face, having just had both legs blown off?

There are a TON of discrepancy's and seeing how well false flags have worked for them in the past, we really need to be demanding answer's to basic questions, and it's a shame that real journalists that would put their lives on the line to tell a story, are a thing of the past.

Sadly we are left with Reddit, 4chan and anonymous and we should be very greatful for that.

PeaSFor1825d ago

Sucitta, may your blatant low IQ help you to survive...

Soldierone1825d ago

A lot of your answers come from the simple fact media sucks and thinks being first is more important than being right.

CNN, Fox, ABC, Newspapers, all reported false stories and later retracted them with as little attention to it as possible. The New York post published a picture of the wrong guy for crying out loud.

Redditt is trying to piece puzzle pieces together that don't even belong to the same puzzle, and thats the issue. Cops have drills all the time, especially if their is a big event going on. It keeps them around and ready for something like this to happen. If your legs are blown off, either you are going to pass out, or your adrenaline will kick it. If adrenaline kicks in, then you won't turn pale until it slows down.

Do I think the cops may have messed up somewhere along the way? Yeah, but they were hunting two terrorists and had the entire city locked down because of it. This isn't the LA police trying to cover up their issues by shooting at people trying to find a single guy, it was Boston PD trying to find a terrorist and they were doing the major things correctly.

Even the kids own family pretty much said "he did it," the only people saying otherwise is his stupid mom trying to create a conspiracy theory and his threatening father.... How come they don't care about the other son at all?

sourav931825d ago

It's because of people like you that people like Sunil Tripathi get caught in the crossfire.

dreamtheater871825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

If the US government came out and said that the moon landing was a hoax, conspiracy theorists would then go out of their way to prove the government was lying and that it -did- happen. Such seems to be the mentality of conspiracy theorists. Question everything? Yes of course. Trouble is they aren't prepared to believe anything the government says even when it's supported by hard facts.

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