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Download the New Google Play Store 4.0

GI: Finally, the completely redesigned version of Google Play store 4.0 is out and it’s available for download. You can get it for your device without having to wait for Google to send an update. We had already seen a few leaked screenshots of the Google Play store 4.0, but yesterday Google made it official.

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dilawer1596d ago

Not patient enough? No problem download and install it right now.

Speed-Racer1596d ago

Make the file more accessible to download. Says I need to request access to the Google Docs box.

dilawer1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Oh! Sorry, Google Drive sucks. Fixing it.
Here's the alternate link if you need it.

AgentWhite1595d ago

This looks even more cool :-)

dilawer1595d ago

True and it's even faster and smoother than before. Takes less taps to buy./download content.

AgentWhite1595d ago

Google works so hard to make the apps simpler but not simple.

sealava1594d ago

liked the old ver of play store better.