Could we transform our Galaxy S3 phones into a Galaxy S4?

Gadget Mill: Samsung have recently announced their highly anticipated new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4. I as many people were completely hyped up about the upcoming announcement as Samsung are known to always bring something new to the table, something innovative and revolutionary as previous rumours suggested.

Unfortunately as soon as the Galaxy S4 was unveiled literally out of a box at the Samsung unpacked event I was not impressed. First I thought it was a joke as it looked exactly like the Galaxy S3. Then suddenly reality hit me and well it was actually the S4, but hey maybe they had something revolutionary hidden under the bonnet? The answer to that is a yes and no.

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SnakeCQC1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

it is a major update i dont think you could

deadman1211890d ago

True, not completely but a lot of the features could be transferred onto the S3. For example you can transform a Galaxy Note into a Galaxy Note 2 well features such as multi screen, new S-pen applications etc.

chukamachine1890d ago

A lot of those software updates you could add onto s2,s3.

I'm using Alliance rom 7.1 atm on a S2.

Very nice.

deadman1211890d ago

Exactly although technically S2 and the original S are more likely to stutter.

chukamachine1890d ago

True, depends what software.

But it's just nice to see new features added to older phones.

ame221890d ago

Yes also space ships lots of space ships.

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