The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Completely Amazing and Utterly Boring

Wired - Did you see Samsung’s theater of the absurd yesterday? No? Good for you. It unleashed a pale imitation of a Broadway show to roll out its amazing new flagship, the Galaxy S4. There’s a reason Samsung felt the need to put on one hell of a show for one hell of a phone — because, much like the Apple iPhone5, the S4 is in just about every way delightful but ultimately not that intriguing.

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-Mezzo-1408d ago

After anticipating phone over the months, sadly i agree with this.

Anon19741407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I'm a bit confused. What were people expecting? It is, after all, just a smartphone, right? At this stage, what more can they do with them? Make the screen a bit sharper and provide better battery life. Expecting huge changes now is like saying "How can we make the wheel more round?" Smartphones today do what they're supposed to do incredibly well. Honestly, what more can we expect of them until we're able to make them run on electricity our own bodies throw off and are completely flexible, beaming calls directly to our minds?

Like the articles states, any flagship phone is going to be amazing, but we've become spoiled by what we're able to do with our phones these days. Amazing just doesn't cut it these days.

Does anyone even remember what cell phones looked like 10 years ago? Holy crap, not only did they have actual digital camera's, built in, but some could store as many as 20 images!

R6ex1407d ago

Well, will be focussing on Note 3 instead.

KonohagakureFC1407d ago

Why would you want people to stop you on the street and ask about your phone?

vulcanproject1407d ago

Happy with my S3. Like to skip a generation so that when I get a new phone it is more of a leap and a WOW factor.

I had a Galaxy S on launch and then when I went to the S3 I was Ridiculously faster.

Raf1k11407d ago

Same here. Looking to upgrade my S2 this year.

Speed-Racer1407d ago

I'm not really sure what they wanted? A phone that could teleport us to space?

adorie1407d ago

Why not? we have to get those rare metals in a more efficient manner to break free from the Chinese stronghold some how... ^_^

coolbeans1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Oh, don't be absurd.......just Earth's stratosphere. :P

Brawler1406d ago

Im more dissapointed they took the apple route and didnt change the design.

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