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Galaxy S IV’s specifications leak, confirm Exynos Octa & PowerVR SGX 544MP

Mobotalks : samsung Galaxy S IV’s specifications leaked, confirm Exynos Octa & PowerVR SGX 544MP Galaxy S IV’s specifications leak, confirm Exynos Octa & PowerVR SGX 544MP (Galaxy S IV, Phones)

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adonisisfree  +   1001d ago
Another sloppy android phone.
Speed-Racer  +   1001d ago
Other than the S3 being plasticy, it was a pretty solid phone, even outselling the iPhone 5. They've become so popular that even Google is worried about their market growth. At the end of the day, they wouldn't have done well if they sold garbage. It's not like the S3 was dirt cheap, so I think its quality sold itself.
adonisisfree  +   1000d ago
im not disputing the s3. i actually own this phone, its just that android Os can be sloppily done at times. even quad-core android devices have noticeable lag. it just seems they mass produce these phone in hopes of getting one right.
Speed-Racer  +   1000d ago
Oh I see. One thing I hate about Android is the fact that each manufacturer has the option to apply their own skin. Also the updates are limited to either the manufacturer or provider, so it gets really annoying having to wait for the latest version. I guess that's why most people end up installing a custom ROM or going for a Nexus.
NewMonday  +   1001d ago
so now the S3 will go out style after only 1 year for just an increase of 1.9" in the screen, they could have just done an update to the SIII.

Samsung is taking more advantage of it's costumers than Appel, the "3Gs" and "4Gs" changed specs but not the design.

brand loyalty is useless, after my Note1 I'm getting the Xperia Z.
eferreira  +   1001d ago
its funny how people complain about apple constantly releasing phones and say it sucks because it does nothing new yet they cheer when a new galaxy or note is released with a minimal upgrade. Enjoy your phone and stop being a douche elitest
Dasteru  +   1001d ago

Don't assume its only minor changes just because you do not understand the hardware specs.

If the rumored specs are true then the Galaxy S4 is a massive hardware upgrade over the S3 and will easily make it the most powerful smart phone on the market.

- 8 core 4+4 1.8Ghz CPU vs Quad core 1.4Ghz
- Quad core GPU rumored to be superior to a Tegra 4 vs Dual core mali-400 equiv to a Tegra 3
- Double the Ram
- 4.99" vs 4.75" screen
- 1920x1080 vs 1280x720 resolution
- 13MP rear camera vs 8MP
- 2.1MP front Camera vs 1.9MP
- More supported network types
- major cosmetic overhaul
- 2600mAh battery vs 2100mAh

If you think that is only a "minimal" upgrade then i want some of whatever you are smoking.

The IPhone 5 vs 4s for comparison:

4" vs 3.5" screen
1136x640 vs 960x640 resolution screen (slight upgrade)
A better CPU (though not nearly to the extent of the S4s upgrade)
and some minor cosmetic changes

Everything else is identical.
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The_Infected  +   1001d ago
I think it's time for some innovation from both Samsung and Apple. This crazy spec war is getting old. We don't need a freaking supercomputer in our pocket.
ThePundit  +   1001d ago
Those specs are rumors, here's the latest report which takes out the CPU and display:

Though I do not like the iPhone, the 5 had a far better CPU than the 4S with improved battery life to boot. Tests at gsmarena show that the Iphone battery life is similar to that of my note2.

This is the latest spec rumor:
- 4,99″ Full-HD SoLux Display
- Snapdragon 600 1.9 Ghz
- 2 GB RAM
- 16, 32 or 64 GB
- 13 Megapixel
- 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm
- 138 gram
- Home button with touch buttons
- Plastic back with aluminium sides
- Removable battery
- Black / White
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Dasteru  +   1000d ago

Basically the same specs i listed.

Full-HD means 1920x1080, technically anyways.
Snapdragon 600 is the only real downgrade from the specs i listed.

Some details aren't listed but that doesn't necessarily mean they have changed.

And again these are all just rumors til the 14th, which is why i stated "If the rumored specs are true"

Fingers crossed.
eferreira  +   1000d ago
Im just referring to the idiots who poke fun at apple for hardware upgrade and expect every new iteration to do something revolutionary but gobble up any samsung phone that does the same.

I'm not against this phone or any phone in general. I just find it funny to see the irony from all the rabid fanboys. I do understand the hardware specs. I hope this post clears anything up.
KingPin  +   1001d ago
the thing i don't get with this phone is why are there 2 quad-core processors in the phone. we all know that they are used one at a time. depending on the work load it switches between the more powerful quad-core for faster processing and the weaker one to conserve battery life.

the thing that stumped me here is which current quad-core processor is maxed out that they need a more powerful quad-core to handle more processing. the weaker quad-core alone is capable of handling everything and im sure they could have tweaked that to conserve battery power. i mean nobody said "DAMN, my S3 lags to a crawl and is near unusable. i need a more powerful quad-core"

yeah this phone is a major upgrade hardware wise but still is a more powerful quad-core phone unless the modders get all 8 cores running simultaneously, but i guess that would drain the battery in a couple hours.
ThePundit  +   1001d ago
You are right, in fact this report from sammobile claims that GS4 will not feature the octa core due to power issues.
lx1  +   1001d ago
I'm waiting for the HTC ONE thats a sweet phone
frjoethesecond  +   1000d ago
Gotta agree. I like how they're trying to do things a bit differently instead of just more power and mega-pixels.
Drakesfortune  +   1000d ago
think i may just go for the new sony xperia z, it looks awesome
KingPin  +   1000d ago
i was actually thinking of getting the LG nexus, then heard it ain't coming to South africa. Thought ok, get the LG optimus G, found out is was released in SA but couldn't find it anywhere. guess il just wait for the Z now. its either that or the note 2, but the size of the note 2 is whats keeping me away.

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