Nearly 7 Out of 10 Smartphones are Rocking Android

Maximum PC: You can't really call it a smartphone battle royale when the only armies on the battlefield are Android and iOS. Google's open source platform closed out 2012 with a 70.1 percent share of the global smartphone market by way of 159.8 million handset shipments, making it by far the most popular platform. Next in line is iOS (iPhone), a distant second with 47.8 million iPhone sales to claim a 21 percent share of the market. Together, the two platforms accounted for just over 9 out of every 10 smartphones sold last year.

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newsguy1467d ago

I'm rockin' an Android

Vishaka1466d ago

Android sucks, people need to learn to use an iphone! iOS is solid and amazing!

BryanBegins1465d ago

I thought Apple products were so easy that you didn't need to "learn" how to use them...

gamernova1465d ago

Lmao!!!! Bubbles for you :)

thebudgetgamer1465d ago

Man you must live in the future, my phone connects directly to an operator.

KingPin1465d ago

whats this operator you speak of?

i have to send smoke signals.

MrDead1465d ago

What’s this smoke you speak of, I have to carve symbols and images into rock or wood and throw them to their recipient’s location.

kingPoS1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Man those payphones are quickly becoming a dying breed. But at the same time a hardline just can't be beat when it comes to cell tower outages.

gamernova1465d ago

Android for the win!!! Honestly there would be more if Google decided to hoard their apps for their own devices lol

evil_element1465d ago

Would be careful in celebrating success of technology such as android. As the more popular something like android becomes the more popular it will become with hackers, e-criminals and virus enthusiasts.

Who could question its open source code available to all to download and change without notice?

Google's already being done for transmitting personnel data and geographic data from safari for OSX/iOS

"Google claims it does not collect personal data but doesn't say who decides what information is 'personal,'"" ; -

gamernova1465d ago

Certain tech will always become popular hence have attacks made on it. Windows is software that suffers from its popularity and we have even begun to see this on Mac. No company is perfect but I very much enjoy Android over iOS and I have an ipad so I have experienced both.