NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Titan Benchmarks Reveals Record Breaking Results

From "Just recently, a 3DMark 11 benchmark of the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Titan was leaked. You would be amazed how fast this single graphics card can be. If the results displayed below were true, then this GeForce Titan 780 is a monster and has single handedly surpassed the GeForce GTX 690, a dual GPU graphics card. See more details below."

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adorie1963d ago

If it's 400 bucks or so, then day 1.

Dude4201962d ago

Considering the GTX 680 ranges between $450 - $550 (sometimes $400 on sale), then I very much highly doubt it.

adorie1962d ago

I'll extend my limit to 500 bucks, but I won't pay 899. Perhaps FlameBaitGod has a point. They'll probably release a mid-end card that runs over the Titan.

Nothing but time to wait and see, but I do want an upgrade. :/

FlameBaitGod1962d ago

Just save up some money for 2014 when the real next gen cards come.

5eriously1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Why did they scratch out the GPU model in the pic? Strange.

fingazblank1962d ago

LOL, they use the latest gfx tech with a sandy bridge processor, sorry but this processor however amazingly fast and great it dosent support pcie 3.0

I have the processor in my machine.

Should of used an i7 ivy bridge.

adorie1962d ago

So, they iron out those OC'ing issues with ivy Bridge?

Whitey2k1962d ago

you do know that pcie 3.0 aint no difference prepared to pcie 2.0

adorie1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Found this within the link you posted.

This test seems more grounded. Glad I didn't get an Ivy bridge CPU, as I was. My motherboard is forward compatible with Ivy bridge and the pcie 3.0 can be utilized if an Ivy Bridge is dropped in, single lane 8x.

Main reason I didn't upgrade is because I read they don't overclock well. I haven't delved into current information so, I'm clueless if they fixed this issue or not. I'll check later.

Lelldorianx1962d ago

Do we even know if the new card will utilize the full PCI-e 3.0 bandwidth? That seems like a stretch to me...

Whitey2k1962d ago

thats whicked!! but a 2600k aint an ivy Bridge just to point out its a sandy bridge

2pacalypsenow1962d ago

I thought they said this isnt the 780

whatswithjeff1962d ago

It might be a 780 or not. Info is not confirmed yet. But one way or another a GTX 780 will most probably come out.

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