The Best Upcoming Cell Phones

PC Mag: In the market for a new mobile phone? Don't pull the trigger just yet: These models look promising.

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TXIDarkAvenger1978d ago

Just bought the S3 and now I'm hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S IV? damn...

HappyGaming1978d ago

Shouldn't have bought a 9 month old phone you know new phones come out every year! Always buy on the month of the release. That way my phones last 2 years (with the last 6 months being kind of slow).

TXIDarkAvenger1978d ago

Lesson learned, though I was excited to make the switch from iPhone 4 to S3.

KingPin1978d ago

i hope Sony gets the pricing right with the xperia Z. really wanna try that phone out.

though i dont know if i should get that, the LG optimus G or the LG nexus.