Micron's 960GB Solid State Drive is Cheaper Than You Think

Maximum PC: We're a little late in bringing this to your attention, but it's worth noting that Micron is making a concerted effort to offer relatively affordable, large-capacity solid state drives (SSDs). We say it's relative because dropping half a dozen Benjamins on a single storage device is not something every PC user is in a position to do, but for those who can afford it, Micron's 960GB SSD is actually a reasonable value.

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newsguy1924d ago

That's actually a lot cheaper than other SSDs!

adorie1924d ago

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I hope this helps bring the prices of the SSD market. I can't wait to have nothing but SSD's in my computer, instead of one for OS/games and 2TB 7200 for storage.

Software_Lover1924d ago

But if you're just using it for storage, an SSD isn't needed.

adorie1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I use my "storage" HDD's differently. I do things my own way. Don't run me down when I haven't stated much else beyond that.

Software_Lover1924d ago

.......... I wasn't running you down there big boy!!! Take a chill pill and tone down the internet toughness. Maybe I should've put it in the form of a question because that is how I was speaking.

steve30x1923d ago

@ Software Lover : I would much rather have all SSD's too because they use less power and are completely silent.

Th3 Chr0nic1924d ago

not a good comparison with the PCI E SSD. that device is aimed at a totally different user and system type.

hellvaguy1923d ago

$600 is still about $400 too high for that much storage.

I do love my setup with ssd for OS + a few games I commonly play, then 1TB mechanical drive ftw.

SITH1923d ago

I have two SSDs in raid O. 1TB (500gb each)
Both were $90. I do not see a point of buying one, when you can have two run in raid 0 cheaper. The only bad thing with two in raid 0 is if one fails, you lose half of your data.

Lolrus1923d ago

Where did you manage to get a 500gb ssd for $90?!

Can you give the model? Thanks

SITH1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Purchased with my Alienware

They are hybrid drives. Windows is up and running in a few seconds after pressing the power button. Hybrid drives are the best of both SSD and HDD pros.

steve30x1923d ago

I want one of these. More speed , uses less power and completely quiet.