Some Hidden Powers Of Mouse You Must Know

TechFlashed : You must be well aware of the fact that Mouse is a pointing device. Yes,indeed it is.But there are many useful things which one can do with Mouse.

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Zerg1207d ago

Horribly written! My 5 year old could do a better job than this.

DoomeDx1207d ago

What the fuck is this

kingPoS1207d ago

Hidden powers?
Mighty Mouse....


Speed-Racer1207d ago

We must welcome our mouse overlords!

Cablephish1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

He forgot one more. When you grab a window and shake it around on the screen, it minimizes all the other windows.

Try it everyone!! :D

EDIT: Awww, nevermind, the article has that one too. ;_;

tarbis1206d ago

Is this for windows 7 only?

pandehz1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Yep the window thingys are for win 7 only.

I can only imagine the reaction of some users. Oh dam my mighty mouse aint working qq.

Lol author

tarbis1205d ago

tried the shaking of windows thingie on XP. LOL! Good thing we're using Win 7 in the office. I can try that later. =P

James_901206d ago

My mouse can point, click and scroll. Revolutionary...