Ubuntu OS for Phones Announced and Expected To Launch In 2014

ETECHMAG: Ubuntu’s makers, Canonical has announced that they’re going to launch Ubuntu OS for phones in 2014. The Linux-based OS will use the same kernel as Google’s Android.

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etechmag1937d ago

This definitely does look great! I like the interface a lot! I can't wait to see how the performance scales compared to some of the other platforms. Things are certainly going to be interesting.

newsguy1936d ago

Isn't that what android is?....

SilentNegotiator1936d ago

Well sure, in the sense that Ubuntu and Mint are the same. *SNORT* HAHAHAHAHAHA
*Nerds High-fiving each other*

Give me a Ubuntu tablet.

Speed-Racer1935d ago

iOS, Ubuntu, and Android are all Linux it really comes down to how well each developer can make a good UX and set up proper back end resource management.

KingPin1936d ago

innovative on so many levels.

loving it. cant wait to get my hands on it.

just started using ubuntu 12.04LTS after trying windows 8. yeah, i think linux is the future.

vanethe1935d ago

i always wanted to try it , but im too scared that i can't find the programs that i use on ubunt

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