Instagram wants right to sell users' photos to advertisers

BBC : Facebook's photo-sharing site Instagram has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users' photos to advertisers without notification.

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Crazay1770d ago

I don't use Instagram but I suspect people are going to be a rather large backlash on this unless the photo owner receives compensation.

Speed-Racer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Yea. I closed my account immediately. I dunno if they still store your images even after the fact that your account has been deleted. I also ditched TwitPic in favour of Yfrog because they have a similar policy. I understand that they need to make money, but the users should get some compensation as well for their 'work'.

evil_element1770d ago

It basically copy write theft. Instagram making a profit thorough images you shot? There sitting on a gold mine of material.

Speed-Racer1770d ago

Essentially. They've released a statement saying they have no intention blah blah. Good luck with that.

SilentNegotiator1770d ago

"No intention" is the biggest load of an excuse in existence. You set up something if you don't expect to use it.

jon12341770d ago

more like insta scam... haha

pompombrum1769d ago

How is this even legal? By agreeing to their terms, they can sell YOUR photos to advertisers? That is absolute bullshit. Glad there has been some celebrity backlash, stuff like this shouldn't be allowed let alone condoned.