U.S. Spies See Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030

Wired :3-D printed organs. Brain chips providing superhuman abilities. Megacities, built from scratch. The U.S. intelligence community is taking a look at the world of 2030. And it is very, very sci-fi.

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INehalemEXI1268d ago

instant cities like starhawk dropping bases from space sic ish man.

R6ex1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

3D-printing a "city" is gonna be huge!

OneAboveAll1268d ago

But who's going to build the giant 3D printer needed to make a city? lol

Axecution1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

PS5-U better have a city-printing feature or im gonna be upset

360ICE1267d ago

And what Printer is gonna print that huge printer?

yodawins1268d ago

and then a rock smashes our planet into pieces....

ReconHope1268d ago

we are supposed to have flying cars by now...

DOOMZ1268d ago

Thank the terrorists for that one... 8/

Lord_Sloth1268d ago

I will be cyberized in my lifetime. HUZZAH FOR GHOST IN THE SHELL!!!

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