Holiday Gifts to Avoid (Maximum PC)

Maximum PC: Time is of the essence, and now that we're into December, it's time to get serious about holiday shopping. To get started, you can find a whole bunch of great gift ideas in our "Geek Holiday Gift Guide 2012," which we've broken up into several categories. It's not an all-inclusive list, however, and to help make sure you or your gift recipients won't have to fly off the handle like Griswold did, we've put together a gallery of tech items you should avoid like the bubonic plague.

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newsguy2054d ago

I would get a Nexus 4, but no LTE. NO LTE!!!

Speed-Racer2054d ago

Oh shut up. The price makes up for it. Sounds like a bunch of first world problems to me.

newsguy2054d ago

Hey, I live in the first world! The US to be exact! I've got a 4G phone and was looking to upgrade to this phone, because I like it otherwise, but no 4g = no buy for me. :P

Speed-Racer2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

I mean really. Not everyone in the US has 4G LTE. For $350, it's a really good deal. I thought these lists were for the general population though.

Better call it "Paul Lilly's Holiday Gifts to Avoid"

Windows 8? Really? It's not that bad as people make it out to seem.

This really is a terrible article.

justinbkerr2054d ago

3G is good enough for what most people do with a phone.

dkgshiz2054d ago

ipad mini...that was a given. Are these tablet companies trying to make tablets into phones that have no calling features? I seriously don't understand them. If they get any smaller they may as well just make it as a standalone phone.

Soldierone2053d ago

I disagree with the Vita. If you can afford it, buy it. Plenty of good games! The price cut will save you maybe 50 dollars, and who knows it might not come till the end of the year next year.

Why skip it now? You get bundles that save the 50 dollars anyways since you dont have to buy a game or memory card

Bathyj2053d ago

Wheres Eddie? He normally eats these things.