Crucial Touts More Headspace with Ballistix Low Profile RAM

Maximum PC: Life is hard, play short. No, that's not Nike's new slogan, but Crucial may want to adopt it to promote its new Ballistic Low Profile (LP) memory kits. Crucial's LP modules are not only shorter than regular sized memory kits, they're also between 15 percent and 35 percent smaller than some of the LP kits its competitors are using, the company claims. Another claim Crucial makes is that its LP kits deliver the same performance benefits of regular sized Ballistix memory modules.

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newsguy1257d ago

Now I'll be able to get a better, bulkier CPU cooler

Crazyglues1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

LoL... that's exactly what I was thinking.. you beat me to it.. :)