Apple announces 4th generation iPad

Engadet: It's not quite what we expected, but Apple has just introduced us to a new, 4th generation iPad at it's event in San Jose, California today. It's essentially a hardware refresh for Apple's 3rd gen slate, as it packs a new A6X processor, dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, a 720p Facetime camera round front and the new image processor found in the iPhone 5. Of course, it also gets the reversible Lightning port that debuted on on the iPhone, and will be available in both black and white. Pricing stays the same as its predecessor, with a 16GB WiFi version for $499 and a 16GB model with cellular data on board costs $629.

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Gondee2040d ago

Just a refinement of the iPad 3, no need really to upgrade from an current Gen ipad though. Unless you NEEED FaceTimeHD.

Crazyglues2040d ago

yeah just a slight up-grade.. so yeah no need to upgrade but for people getting it for the first time.. that A6x looks like it's a beast.

I mean 2x faster is crazy.. but it's not like the iPad 3 or 2 was slow... but nice upgrade none the less..

having 2x wifi is nice.. and lightning connect..At the same price.. sweet