HTC Full-HD Phablet is Out and its Waterproof - Been quite a while since HTC was working on Phablet. Now the Phablet is released and its called "HTC J Butterfly", and the specifications are released as well.

The display screen is using "Super LCD 3" that makes Full-HD possible, hence it results in a better display quality than iPhone 5.

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DarkFireHawk1653d ago

I was planning on buying the Nexus, but honestly this one looks like its off the charts! Very excited :D

Shani1652d ago

This sure looks awesome... Good competition for Note 2.

PtRoLLFacE1652d ago

too bad is only for Japan

DarkFireHawk1652d ago

For now :D Do you think It's a good idea if I ask someone to buy it for me in Japan?

PtRoLLFacE1652d ago

umm it all depends, LTE and CDMA/GSM/UMTS/GPR all those radios are supported but the phone is only in japan meaning only Japanese spectrum, it will have to be unlocked like the galaxy s3 international (sim unloked), so you can flash it to any other carrier or use a different sim card, i don't think is good idea unless you want it for development, to root it, once a phone is rooted anything is possible even sim unlocking it your self ;p

starcb261652d ago

I thought it was going to be a nexus device :(

tawak1652d ago

when the time its for sale here, it will be a dual core..