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How to Transfer Your Data from Android to iPhone

TheDroidGuy - "You were charmed by the next ‘big’ thing Apple unveiled almost a month back and like a bat out of hell, you have already pre-ordered your magnum opus. You can’t wait to get out of the tenebrous ‘galaxy’ and appraise the idiosyncratic ‘iNnovations’.

You surely want to stab Android and move on to iPhone; but not without your contacts, messages and photos."

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thebudgetgamer2078d ago

This is good for those stepping up to a good phone.

KingPin2078d ago

i think you left out the /S from your comment.

thebudgetgamer2078d ago

Yea, you're totally right


KingPin2078d ago

lol i can see why you love the iphone.

have to give it instructions more than once to get to where you need to be.

perfect match.

thebudgetgamer2078d ago

Don't own an iPhone, or any other Apple products.

KingPin2078d ago

i never said you owned it. i said u loved it.

thanks for this convo.

now i know what talking to siri is like.

thebudgetgamer2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

I don't love telephones, I do enjoy how personally involved people get when they back one billion dollar corporation over another billion dollar corporation. I say what I say, you take a personal shots at me.

KingPin2078d ago

and which 1 billion dollar company am I backing exactly. I'm not sure. I never stated it. or are you gonna assume you know.

and how am I taking personal shots at you. have I stated anywhere that you personally are slow? no I havent. that's your insecurities acting up.

next time you try to be too smart for your own good, think twice.