Apple's patents war might tarnish its brand

The Inquirer-"Apple's patents war on other smartphone players is a strategic mistake, and in pursuing it the company risks tarnishing its brand and alienating a substantial portion of its customer base."

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Software_Lover1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Not to the uninformed consumer out there, which consists of millions.

Prime example: Guy and his wife were on Verizon and had the iphone 4. Wanted the iphone 5 but didn't want to pay full price to keep verizon. They cancelled their verizon contract and went to ATT just because they could get the subsidized price iphone 5. Now they have to pay the 300+ per phone because they cancelled their contract early.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb.................duuuuuuuu uumb!!!! Now he's claiming he didn't know about the cancellation fee.

All this for a f'n phone that isn't much different than what they had.

Baka-akaB1955d ago

Lol how so ? Apple has always been involved in lawsuits for as long as we knew them .

adorie1955d ago

Not to this magnitude they haven't.

ziggurcat1954d ago

so has every other corporation, so don't act like apple is the only company that does this.

adorie1954d ago

This reply is for ole Ziggy below

I don't give two crumbs if it's Apple or any other corporation.

You also sound angry for some reason. Do you think I am singling Apple out in some way?

These Corporate Cheeleaders in the tech section of News Boiler need to go back to N4G. SMH

ziggurcat1954d ago

not angry at all.

i'm pretty sure that the "magnitude" is only amplified by the popularity of slagging apple. you might easily be able to find that apple isn't suing any more than any other corporation, so in a way you are singling out.

no corporate cheerleading here, just calling people who cry about the dumbest s**t out on their BS. i'd be the first person to voice my concern should apple actually do something completely abhorrant, and suing over copyright/a patent isn't one of those things.

not that it matters, but there was also a pretty hilarious bit on SNL last night that called people out on their meaningless complaints about the iphone/apple.

Baka-akaB1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Apple has always been trigger happy with lawsuits , and the general public never cared an still dont much .

adorie1954d ago

Never denied that fact, it's just Apple, as of recent is on a roll across the planet with patent lawsuits. It's unprecedented.

Shadow Flare1954d ago

Careful, you might stand out from the rest of the techspy users

Vaud-Villian1954d ago

Are we armchair lawyers now?

MWH1954d ago

i hope so, Apple is becoming worse than Microsoft at some point.

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