Android Pioneer HTC Posts Lowest Profit in 6 Years

Maximum PC: HTC continues to struggle to find a way to flip the kind of profits it did during the company's heyday, back when it was moving handsets like gangbusters and practically had a license to print money. But the times, they are a-changin' and the HTC of old is having trouble competing in this new landscape dominated by Apple and Samsung, the latter of which has picked up the Android torch that HTC helped ignite. Ginormous profit dips are the norm for HTC these days, which today posted a record 79 percent drop in quarterly profit.

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justinbkerr2056d ago

Maybe they should go all Windows 8. After all, its working so well for Nokia :)

KingPin2056d ago

no. no. no. i love HTC devices.
they not built as cheaply as some people think.

i had the HTC Snap, touch diamond 2, htc desire z, and the ONE X. no issues whatsoever.

adorie2056d ago

Really... LOL. Ask Microsoft's OEMS how it's working out for them.

newsguy2056d ago

That sucks. The HTC one X is a great phone