BenQ Quietly Rolls Out XL2411T Monitor for Gamers

Maximum PC: It's a bit unusual for a company to release a product without a bunch of fanfare, or at the very least a press release pimping the product's highlights, and that's especially true for gear aimed at gamers. Be that as it may, BenQ has quietly slipped a new gaming oriented monitor into its product lineup, the XL2411T, an apparent successor to the XL2410T we reviewed last year. In lieu of a press release, BenQ used the XL2411T's product page to hype the display, which the company says is "built for victory."

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newsguy2087d ago

i do need a new monitor...

Software_Lover2087d ago


Why is the pc monitor area going backwards? We have had 1920x1200 as a resolution standard for years. You rarely see new monitors come out at that resolution anymore.