Apple Stops Calling Its Maps “The Most Powerful”

Gizmodo: Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s candid admission that Apple Maps might not be so great, and his suggestion that users turn to competing services, Apple has cleaned up one final detail: they aren’t calling their maps the most powerful any more.

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MaximusPrime2059d ago

I'd rather have google maps than any other maps apps apple suggested..

Why not allow google to release their map app while apple fix their map? I don't mind them leaving Apple maps as primary application on iOS 6

Darkspade2059d ago

Because they are Apple.. you do what they say when they say it...

hkgamer2059d ago

I don't even think google has bothered to make an app for ios6. Google wants assurance that apple will approve of their app before they make it and apple wont approve of an app unless it is finished.

Speed-Racer2059d ago

This is what I believed happened.

KingPin2059d ago

About damn time. lol not that it ever was the most powerful to start with. maybe now the Apple fanboys will wake up and realize not everything apple makes is gold coz they say it is.

as for apple allowing google to make a maps app. apple fear that nobody will go back to Apple maps if they have maps that they've used and trusted for years.