Dream Machine 2012: The Future Is Now

Maximum PC: "The Dream Machine 2012 is the PC utopia we all long for.

Conventional wisdom says that PC performance doesn’t matter anymore. That’s because the average consumer, the average gamer, and the average PC jockey can’t tell the difference between a slow POS machine and a fast one. Well guess what, baby? That’s a bunch of crap. "

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fanze1001984d ago

This i something i look forward to every year.

fatstarr1984d ago

same here, I wonder just how they can out do 2011 which was a beast

mpctips1984d ago

The PC is alive and well, folks!

justinbkerr1984d ago

Wish I could afford that monster.

fatstarr1984d ago

I say this pc is beautiful Overkill

the benchmarks are great but not what I expected.
that flaw has to be on the software.

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The story is too old to be commented.