Tips on Buying an Unlocked Smartphone

HackCollege writes: "So you’ve decided to dump your wireless contract. That’s a big step in not only saving yourself money, but saving yourself tons of money over time. Now the only problem is finding a good unlocked smartphone to go with your newfound freedom. The following tips will hopefully make the process of buying an unlocked smartphone much easier."

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thebudgetgamer2044d ago

I was thinking of buying an unlocked iPhone, I think it would be good not to be under a stiff contract but six hundred bucks is hard to justify.

roccohateskittens2044d ago

True, but iPhones do hold decent value over time. When you sell it in a year or two years, you should be able to get at least $400 for it.

thebudgetgamer2044d ago

Never thought about it like that, thanks.