HP's Ultra-thin SpectreONE All-in-One PC Sports a Wireless Trackpad for Windows 8

ewlett-Packard, still the world's largest pre-built PC player, introduced four new all-in-one desktop PCs today, including the SpectreONE, which is the first AIO to join the Spectre family. The other three include the HP Envy 23, Envy 20 TouchSmart, and Pavilion 20, the latter of which is the only one of the bunch that's a non-touch system. HP's SpectreONE doesn't sport a touchscreen either, but it does ship with a wireless trackpad that will allow users to scroll, swipe, and tap around Windows 8 when it ships in October.

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evil_element2052d ago

Carbon copy of a imac lol

fatstarr2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Jesus Christ HP wtf is this.

I smell a lawsuit coming down the drain
if apple can win for people copying squares this is the jackpot.

they need to differentiate not copy. this is epic-ally blatant