Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Skyrocket to 20 Million Sales in 100 Days

Maximum PC: If Apple had its druthers, Samsung would go bankrupt and its uber popular Galaxy S III device would be banned from the Milky Way. Those scenarios haven't played out yet, and hopefully never will, but it's easy to see why Apple might be intimidated by Samsung's flagship device. The Korean smartphone maker announced today that it's sold a whopping 20 million Galaxy S III devices since it launched 100 days ago.

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newsguy2018d ago

oh, o, i wonder if apple will cut margins here...

thebudgetgamer2017d ago

Watch the new Iphone break that in a month.

kingPoS2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

The customer is always right, and they're right to buy what they want.

I just plain don't like that I would have to install software that would have my CPU at 60%-90% most of the time. The sad fact is that apple makes itunes a necessary evil.

iSpy2016d ago

Its because of Apple's courtesy, People wants this device because it's going to ban soon...