Apple Loses Patent Battle Against Samsung in Japan writes: "Despite winning a high profile patent battle against Samsung in its home territory, Apple has lost a similar lawsuit in a more neutral territory, Japan. Samsung allegedly infringed on Apple’s patents related to the synchronisation of music and video files with servers."

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Kos-Mos2120d ago

Welcome to STUPID usa!

gaffyh2119d ago

I'm quite surprised actually because Samsung seems to be winning the cases in other countries, but the US decision was astrange. It probably won't end up being legal in the end.

killerhog2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

It might be because other countries do not have strict patent laws like us. I mean yeah are patent system is a little screwy but its better protected than other countries/regions (like Europe and Asia). Look at the hassle it is to take down software products that infringe on American IPs in other countries in Europe or Asia, but then look how easy it is here in the U.S to take down those rip-offs.

gamesmaster2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

acutally the patent system in america is widely regarded as one of the most exploited in the technological industry (speaking as a professional engineer)

In america, its who gets to the patent office first regardless of who coined the idea. In Europe and the UK you have to physically prove you invented it using evidence and its approved only after a full case is presented.

i'll grant you that in america once you have and own the patent it is rigorously protected, but the flaws lie in that you can patent things which really you havn't invented, which is wrong and should be amended.

gaffyh2119d ago

@killer- Apparently, and I don't know if this is true or not, Japan has one of the most strict patent systems in the world.

killerhog2119d ago


I like that those who invent get the patent, it prevents people from sitting on an idea and then sue those who actually pursue it. But then, that won't matter if the patents laws in Asia and Europe are loose and forgiving. I think I would rather have the U.S rigorous protection and the UK physical invention. That should prevent a lot of BS.

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dkgshiz2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Every touch screen based phone that came out after the iphone is basically a clone. Given that majority of the phones out there are a lot better then the current iphone 4s. Regardless I'm not biased towards either company buts its blatantly obvious without Apples iphone the phone industry probably would be in a very different position then it is now. This whole lawsuit is really dumb to begin with. When companies started to copy id's Wolfenstein 3D you didn't see them go ape shit about it did you? Oh well, lawsuits are so common now a days I take them in so nonchalantly as if I were drinking a glass of water.

Soldierone2119d ago

How? Verizon and AT T were cashing in big time with phones before Iphone came along. Verizon even turned them down at first.

The only thing Iphone really did was push people into Smartphones faster and killed the whole "media phone" idea entirely. However you still had Google interested, and Android has done a lot more to the phone industry as a whole than anything.

I think you take Apple out of question and you just have a slower transition to smartphones, thats it.

KMCROC542118d ago

I wish it were possible to turn back time, cause i would rather love to see a world without apple. the tech community would be able to create ,innovate with out worries . of a vulture company.

zeeshan8102119d ago

Apple only won because its an American company. USA judge supported Apple. SMH!

Soldierone2119d ago

*American company that makes and supplies everything in China then ships it to America and still pretends to be an American company*

(I say that about all the so-called American companies, not just Apple)