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Wikipad, The Tablet You Don’t Know About But Will Want, badly.

Gaming on Batteries takes a look at the soon to be released Wikipad 3D and it's new enhanced details.

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fatstarr2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

IT doesnt matter what they do the 3ds will wipe the floor with this. and all opposing hand helds, tablets and portable devices,
Nintendo shows time and time again its a catalog of games that makes the systems
download titles just don't hold weight or meaning and it diminishes the value in my opinion.

its like playing a low budget flash game and comparing it to mine craft.
or playing flash halo and comparing it to halo.

android gaming cant be taken seriously because its the linux of the gaming world
with a new device vying for your money this will be washed away soon
ouya is androids only hope catching on to be the 4th battler in the console arena.

if anything this is a threat to the vita. sigh so many tablets and tablet revisions...

tachy0n2103d ago

nintendo fanboy much?

how can you say android cant be taken seriously when its eating IOS market share right now....

fatstarr2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

taken serious as a legit gaming device.

as fanboy as it sounds
Nintendo sold tons of Wiis. way more than their competition
dominance with the DS
and dominance with the 3Ds

More than 200million pieces of hardware sold so far just counting those 3 systems.

if the psp can barely dent theres no way an android gaming platform with no real company to push it can stand far in the industry besides the novelty gaming device

the reason I brought up Ouya is because it has 10million in funding
dedicated to be an android competitor in the videogames market
and it might make it somewhere.

theres a difference between android gaming and Android dominance in the phone market.