New iPhone 5 Parts Leaked: Bigger Display And Larger Battery Spotted

Deviceseeker: Another rumor about the controversial iPhone 5! Day by day we find out more information about the new Apple iPhone 5 and today it seems that somebody has managed to get his hands on some screenshots with the parts of the new device.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1989d ago

I'm losing interest in Apple pretty fast anymore. They seriously need to upgrade the iPhone design significantly. I know it's good now but to dish out money for a new iPhone you want a new one. More powerful, NEW DESIGN, better battery. 10mAh extra don't cut it although iPhone is far more better on battery than Android and I know this my Galaxy S2 was always dead yet my iPhone 4 lasted the whole day.

Apple isn't improving enough especially in design. They need to WOW everyone again like they did with the first iPhone. Just don't reinvent "invint."

If Apple don't improve lots with the iPhone 5 I will soon be a Samsung fan.

iamnsuperman1988d ago

I like the design and do not mind it not changing. The interior really needs to change and so does the price. Iphone is a good piece of kit but is well over priced. It does need to start upgrading its inside to stay competitive especially when smart phones are up to/ surpassing the Iphone in specs. Its software is very good.