Intel vs AMD: which processor is best?

Techradar: Buying a computer can be a lengthy process involving many complex decisions, but none come with quite as much jargon as figuring out the best CPU.

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SactoGamer1990d ago

I have been more of an intel guy myself, though I do own an old laptop equipped with a VIA C3 processor.

SJIND1990d ago

Intel is better than AMD because you get more for your money. You may see a 6 core AMD Cheaper than a quad core intel but you need to look at other things.

shockdude1990d ago

performance/dollar = AMD.

Brawler1990d ago

Anything above the $200 mark intel is king.

SkullBlade1691989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Not since Bulldozer lol, I find Intel to be better at every price range now.

Revvin1989d ago

Raw power its got to be Intel but bang for buck its got to be AMD