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The Cost of Living: Bills, what are they good for?

Noble Press: No one “likes” paying bills; at least, not anyone that I know. However, I do have a few bills that I dont mind paying. This concept came strange to me while laying in bed last night, A notification popped up on my iPad it said “Damian, a bill has just over drafted your account.” It was really more along the lines of: “Spotify has just charged $9.99 to your bank account.” But nevertheless, a bill had processed and I had just received a notification on my iPad. I look over to read “Damian, a bill had just overdrafted your account.” In reality, it was really closer to “Spotify has just charged $9.99 to your bank account...

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Crazay2320d ago

They're great for ruining, a vacation, a special occasion, a night out with your friends to the rippers which ends with you waking up in a pool of your own saliva in a seedy motel somewhere with 3 of said strippers sleeping next to you with nothing but the taste of shame in your mouth....

God I hate bills.