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Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?

Tek Syndicate - Apple has been creating chaos in the courts lately, but did they actually invent anything? This video explains that Apple is a recipe company, not an invention company. They steal good ideas and them turn them into better ideas. However, they they do not invent much of anything.

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KingPin2111d ago

Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything? NO!!

iPod = sony walkman
iPad = Tablet PC
iPhone = <insert cellphone of your choice>

invent...That word is not in Apples vocabulary.

sjaakiejj2111d ago

Mac was out before Windows and Unix... Just saying. That's not to say that they invented it - they bought it off someone else who was working on it, completed it and turned it into Mac. They released it in 1984, followed by a 1985 release of Windows.

Most of the stuff Apple has done are evolutions of ideas that already existed, and they did that very well, causing a significant shift in the market every time they announced a new type of Product. It's undeniable that Smartphones are as popular as they are because of iPhone, and Mp3/4 players were as popular as they were because of iPod. Same goes for Tablet PCs.

I'm not a big Apple fan, but the least you have to do is appreciate their market push for products that we would've otherwise never (or at least, any time soon) had.

KingPin2111d ago

Mac was out before Windows and Unix... Just saying. That's not to say that they invented it"

you just contradicted yourself. point is they did not INVENT it. which what we talking about. I never said mac stole from windows or unix.

" It's undeniable that Smartphones are as popular as they are because of iPhone"

erm nope. smartphones were popular before the iPhone. Blackberries, Samsung, Moto, HTC, Nokias were all popular. They may not have had iOS but android was already in development so even if Apple werent there smartphones would still be popular.

Apple though does have one hell of a marketing team il give them that. they know how to rip off and advertise like its the next best thing to have.

sjaakiejj2111d ago

Mac is an operating system, not hardware, yet you claimed it was not invented on the basis that PC is essentially the same. I was merely stating that that was incorrect, and never intended to claim they invented it.

Computers only became PCs with the release of Mac and Windows, and arguably MS DOS, for which apple also had an equivalent.

Smartphones were popular before the iPhone, but sales rose considerably when iPhone came out for all devices, including Symbian and Blackberry.

You can see in the chart that year-on-year sales were steady, until iPhone came out.

evil_element2110d ago


I don't have clue who cooked up this statement that Apple claim they invented tech stuff. Sounds to me like someone who can't differentiate between patents, technological inventions, industry standards, design patents and functionality design patents.

If you design/invent anything that you will be seeking to make money from it is advisable you patent. That can be slide to lock software functionality (not physical form, that's classed under physical design). Apple created a distinct user interface with many hours of research and design. They patented they UI to protect their R&D. Same way Apple patent their product design.


Patent cant be passed if its collides with another patent.

Patents take 2 years to pass, require a lot of paper work and can be rejected at any stage.

If company like Apple pays for patent rights they can sue other folk who may use it without consent.

Bluetooth, wifi, LCD, sound, connections, circuit boards etc are industry standard patents they cannot be made private patents.

Apple are suing for design patent infringements (both physical and software) not hardware inventions.

LOL_WUT2110d ago

Apple has invented stuff and made it popular so yeah.