Apple's New Mac Ads Are Interesting To Say The Least

TechDeville: Apple has always been known for their iconic ad campaigns but the new ones although being interesting kind of feel ‘cheap’ compared to their previous attempts and that feeling is certainly what we don’t want associated with a brand like Apple.

Note: Multiple videos in post.

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aviator1892121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Wow, those were....blatantly insulting to apple users. They're basically calling their users inept, stupid, and have the inability to operate even the most simplest programs unless they're accompanied by the so-called "genius."

KingPin2121d ago

well what they really saying is that Apple products suck so bad and are so user-unfriendly that you cant use them if you a regular joe.

this sounds more like advertising for their competitors but are paid for by them.

but come to think of it, you must be a totally brain dead to buy an Apple product anyways.

fatstarr2119d ago

well thats 90% of their user base.

apple knows their target audience.
the house of cards is falling soon.

fatstarr2121d ago

the fck is this garbage.

worst ads ever.

ill save my comments for this one because apple screwed this one up enough.

"If you attached power generator to Steve Jobs right now you would have infinite energy source from all rolling he is doing in grave"

best quote from youtube today.

techie112121d ago

These Apple ads make potential customers appear like morons.

KingPin2121d ago

and make current customers seem like tools.