Google Admits It Did Not Delete Data Taken From Wi-Fi Devices We told you before about the Google Street View vehicles that illegally collected data from unprotected Wi-Fi devices while they took pictures of the streets in Europe, Australia and the United States.

We told you that the cars slurped passwords and emails and pictures and web searches. We told you about the apology and the fact that Britain found Google broke laws. We also told you that Google later revealed that the snooping was not accidental.

Today, Google dropped another bombshell by way of a letter to Britain's Information Commissioner's Office.

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Soldierone2089d ago

it might just be me, but it stated "google needs to hand over" the information. I personally trust said data in Googles hands more than I do government or whoever hands they need to give it to...

What will Google do with it? Gear ads towards us? Wooo.....

t0n3y2089d ago

When Google hands the data back over, do you think that they're going knock on the door of every individual that they've taken this data from or is it be going to sent to a governmental recognised body?

Soldierone2088d ago

It states they are giving it to the government basically, its the group that caught Google doing it.

The reason I don't trust them is because they said they wanted it deleted, so why not just watch Google delete it? I see no need for them to hand it over at all.

Its like stealing a million dollar Diamond from a store, then a group saying give it to us and we will handle it.....

a_squirrel2088d ago

Actually, Google is the one who came clean, and then people were like: GOOGLE IZ EVILEZZZ

Idiots, they wouldn't have known if Google didn't admit it.

bahabeast2088d ago

im sure i saw the article that google admitted they kept the user information soo i dnt see whats the problem, and what will they do with our info??